Worried About Your Bones?

Dancing to improve bones!
Dance Your Way to Strong Bones!

Boss loss is a major concern as we age….. Considering many American diets are overly acidic – due to the high consumption of animal protein, coffee, salt, sugar, alcohol and the list goes on….. a diet high in acidic foods plays a major role in bone loss (not to mention the numerous health impacts of overly acidic eating habits). Poor soil quality due to pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides reduces the mineral content of soil…. resulting in produce that has a lower vitamin and mineral content (hint: organic farms and chemical free farms = higher nutrients in the food they grow). Muscles protect and actually strengthen bones…. yet according to a poll done by the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics only 20.8% of adults in the U.S. meet the recommended aerobic and muscle-strenthening guidelines.  Seriously? This means 80 percent of American’s need to get moving or our hospitals and nursing homes will be filled with mushy and/or broken bones!

Is your kitchen cupboard exploding with boxes and packaged goods? Highly processed food tends to be high in acid forming and inflammatory ingredients like…. sugar, salt, hydrogenated oils, corn syrup, etc.   When is the last time you evaluated your shopping list? – “Are there better, healthier options for the products I buy?”  This does not have to be done all at once – choose two items and commit to finding less inflammatory choices that have all natural ingredients, no added sugars, no hydrogenated oils, and no artificial flavors or colors.   If you’re not sure…. Post your package on my Facebook page and I’ll respond with an alternative that won’t break your bones or your wallet.

Stressed? – Let go of it! Yes…. It’s a proven fact chronic stress can lead to bone loss. Each time you experience stress your nervous and endocrine systems release chemicals into the body that not only contribute to weak bones these hormones and inflammatory chemicals can actually stimulate bone loss!  Is your mind racing? Are you holding a grudge? Is your to-do list overwhelming you? Stress reduction is key to avoiding Osteoporosis! Ask yourself… Is that concern of yours worth a broken hip?

Is bone loss reversible? It sure is!!!! Avoid Stress, Avoid Acidic Foods, Eat Organic or Chemical Free Foods, Avoid Inflammatory Processed Food, and Get Moving – pick up a dumbbell, join a fitness class, dance, or go for a walk to enjoy the medicinal “weeds” I so often post about.  Bone breaks down and rebuilds every minute of every day – You can choose to rebuild, rebuild, rebuild!  Take charge of your health!

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