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My down dog started over 25 years ago. Prior to that, I suffered with – a bad back, bad genes, bad luck.  Paralyzing lower back pain was my archenemy!


I tried a yoga class, then VHS tapes (Brian Kest in jean shorts), and I was hooked!


What I noticed was miraculous – it wasn’t the physical change that made a difference – it was the awareness! I suddenly knew my body so well that seconds before my back snapped, I was able to correct it and prevent days of impending agony. I finally learned that when I practiced with regularity, I experienced no back pain.


After years of practice, I decided it was time to share my passion with the world. I couldn’t keep something that had changed my life so profoundly to myself any longer.


My philosophy.  I don’t take life too seriously…and that includes yoga! I believe “silly” belongs everywhere, especially during asana. There is no such thing as perfect, so why aim for it when you’re on the mat?


My job.   I’ll provide a template for you to practice and encourage you to listen to your body.

You flow your way and I’ll flow mine.  Do what feels good, modify when needed, flow with no judgment, no comparison, and as much peace and love as you’d show your best friend. Move with intention and presence, here or there giggle, breath freely and we step away from our mat knowing we took the time to honor our mind, body, and soul. Nice Job!


Maybe each flow gets easier, maybe you feel stronger, more balanced, more flexible and standing on one leg feels less daunting, any and all of these are possibilities when you choose to discover YOUR yoga.


Yoga challenges me EVERY time I step on the mat. It’s never easy. It’s always a physical dance of ease and discomfort – more honestly said… awesome and agonizing! Yet when I lay in savasana and bow with Namaste. I’m grateful every time for this amazing practice called yoga!


My Goal.   Not that you gain strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. My hope is that you begin to practice yoga off the mat.

Here’s that REAL YOGA: 

Breathe when life is challenging, let go of tension created by hardship, remain flexible in your beliefs and ideas, adapt to change with ease and grace, discover balance when life gets windy, remain curious and open to new possibilities, experience ALL of life FULLY present not just the beautiful moments but the space in between (the mundane commute, long lines at the bank, monotonous zoom calls, waiting for test results) and most importantly flow through life playfully with a touch of silly.


Asana is the easy part –  True Yoga is Practiced Off the Mat!



Come YOGA with me with FREE Weekly Classes!

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Join me on Facebook Live (my personal page) or via Zoom:

Password: Pueo


Big thanks go to Pueo Collaborative for creating a platform for online yoga!

Private lessons are available, please email for details.