Herbal Medicine

Botanicals…Phytochemical Rock Stars!

Why rely merely on food and supplements when nature has provided an arsenal of botanicals that can be part of your healing plan.  Herbs can be used alone or in conjunction with western medicine.  They often work synergistically with conventional treatment – it doesn’t have to be an either/or. However, blending these two paradigms is only recommended when you work with an experienced herbalist.


That’s where I come in!


Herbs are not just trendy and are definitely no celebrity invention. In fact, through written history over 5,000 years old, botanicals are described as the primary form of medicine. Herbal medicine may seem modern but the power of plants is no recent discovery.  We’re simply waking up to the fact that maybe ancestors knew more about the earth & free medicine than we do.  Thank goodness they took notes!


Herbal teas & tinctures have been used for promoting health, healing, and supporting the body since the dawn of time. Today, our culture relies heavily on western medicine, yet 75% of the world continues to practice herbal medicine. And… Why not?  It’s in our backyards! 


Did you know?…… Pharmaceutical drugs were not only inspired by plant constituents (fancy word for chemicals), they were originally made from plants…and many still are!  


Herbs are fascinating, powerful, snarky, playful, intuitive, and magnificent teachers!  If you haven’t made friends yet, allow me to introduce you…

Herbal Medicine Consultation Options

You must be working with a practitioner and have a current wellness/healing plan otherwise we would need a much longer appointment that would include a full intake – an “Integrative Health Consultation”.


I’m happy to tweak an herbal formula, or make recommendations for a new one; however, if you’re not working with a doctor, naturopath, nutritionist, etc. I’m not comfortable throwing darts in the dark. I need to understand what’s going on physiologically and review your healing plan; otherwise we need to start from scratch –  which I’m happy to do, but that’s a very different appointment: two hours vs. 30 minutes.


What’s Needed? 
– A thorough understand of your symptoms, condition, or diagnosis

– A healing plan designed by myself or a practitioner you trust (ideally including: food, medicine and/or supplements, supportive lifestyle recommendations, exercise, and alternative therapies)

– A desire to feel better & willingness to be consistent with your herbal formula

Interested in using botanicals with your clients?   I can help!


Herbs are complicated AND definitely intimidating. Choosing the right herbs for the condition/symptom, person, and constitution is anything but simple! Not to mention – what form would be most effective? Dosing? Sourcing? And most importantly understanding interactions.


Overwhelmed yet? No need to be! Why spend your time worrying if you’ve made the right herbal choices.

Get it right: 

     * Improve success rates
     * Speed up the healing process
     * Reduce uncomfortable symptoms for your client (i.e. bloating, gas, reflux, anxiety, insomnia, etc.)


Here’s how it goes…

Send me an email regarding your client (HIPPA compliant, of course).  I’ll follow up with a call or video meeting with you to review the case.  (I like to have a clear understanding of goals & the plan for your patient/client before meeting with them.)  


Options….free 20-minute introduction if needed, or we can just dive right in and schedule an appointment to get started.

Once underway, consultations include:

• Pre-meeting forms and emails

• A review of:  supplements and/or meds for any possible herbal interactions, current health plan, condition/symptoms, energetics, previous reactions, taste/aversion considerations

• 30 minute video chat

• Individualized herbal formula (teas, tinctures, salves, capsules, etc.)

• I order an individualized formula and the dispensary ships it directly to your client (client is responsible for payment of herbs and shipping)