CNS Credential Supervision

Here to Support Your CNS Journey

The Board of Certified Nutrition Specialists recommends that you meet with an approved supervisor every 30-40 hours. That’s where I come in. 

CNS Supervision is meant to help support you on your journey to becoming a confident and competent nutritionist. Therefore, no constructed agenda – I believe in focusing on what’s most helpful for you and working on areas of uncertainly or lack of experience. There are definitely guidelines, and competencies you’ll need to demonstrate.  Yet this individualized experience is tailored to your needs! 

There are plenty of structured mentorship programs available, however, many candidates are still working on their degree, recently finished paying for graduate school, or are working full time. This can make structured mentorships a financial burden or a major time constraint.

I make it easy for you and your needs! Accumulate approximately 40hours, schedule, and repeat. No timeline, no expiration date, you work on hours at your pace.  

Purchase and schedule your CNS Supervision session or package online.  

Price per session: $100

Package of 3 meetings: $200 (buy two sessions, receive one free!)

We connect by video (via Practice Better) or by telephone.

The Gist:

Each meeting lasts an hour, occasionally longer – or book a double session if you’d like.  Prior to our meeting you email (bullet points – no need for a book report) any cases you’d like to review, or questions you may have. 

Have a complex case? No need to wait until you have 30-40 hours – I’m happy to meet with you anytime and the session will still count toward supervision hours.

Questions along the way? No problem! I’m ok with emails between meetings (within reason).

I genuinely care about your success….. I might even be as excited as you are! 

Frequent Questions and Answers

I worked as a psychologist for almost 10 years yet it wasn’t until I mentored with the late ( great) Bob Duggan, founder of Tai Sophia (now Maryland University of Integrative Health) that I truly embraced the nature of being a healing presence. Thanks to Bob, I happily share these skills with candidates. I can teach you how to establish rapport (even with challenging clients), how best keep your clients motivated, what’s keeping them from being successful in achieving their goals, and how to truly empower clients. You’ll learn how to listen with curiosity and uncover what may be keeping your clients stuck. Let’s be honest, anyone can recommend supplements, tell someone what to and what not to eat, suggest a laundry list of labs, however, understanding the human sitting in front of you is what distinguishes an excellent nutritionist and leads to a full schedule of referrals.  

You will need to have your own clients or have access to clients through work/internship. I can provide hours via projects and research if needed. I’m happy to help strategize group presentations, workshops, webinars, and other ways to accomplish your required hours.

  • I sign off on you’re tracking sheet and complete a Practice Experience Supervisor’s Report
  • You email the board the signed tracking sheet along with all materials required by the board.
  • The waiting game begins…. Yay you’re almost there!