“After my cancer diagnosis, my family encouraged me to see a holistic doctor.  This experience was okay, but was not meeting my needs.  Then Heidi offered to help me.  What an amazing difference.  She took the time to explain things and gave me the tools to work with to guide me to a healthier way of living.  She very carefully guided me in a plan that was suitable to my lifestyle.  I learned how the effect of foods I had been eating had a detrimental affect on my body.  It was an eyeopener when the elimination of these foods made me feel so much better and I saw the results quickly.  Inflammation is gone from my body, I have more energy and generally feel so much better.


Heidi is truly dedicated to her profession and it shows in her compassion for her clients.  I am so thankful she came into my life and gave me hope for a healthier future.” -L.D.



Working with Heidi to find satisfactory solutions to some of my health care needs has been both educational and beneficial – and ultimately her solutions have resolved my issues – I only wish I had found her sooner! She has taken the time to interview me at length; offer natural solutions; and in the end has resolved my chronic health issue.  My usual GP did not have the time or training to look at my problem in this way.


Heidi’s nonjudgmental, encouraging style is evident whether we’re focusing on exercise, natural remedies or nutrition – and she approached every discussion from a holistic perspective – considering mind and body.  Heidi has helped me make long term changes which have positively affected  my daily mental and physical health.


I have over sixty years of believing that the big meat and potatoes meal is the only way to good health, and that traditional medicine is not to be questioned.  Heidi understands how hard it is to unlearn what you’ve believed to be true.  She is steadily leading me in a newer, healthier, more natural direction.”  – J.W.



After many years of juggling a demanding schedule, and using caffeine and sugar to keep myself going, my mind and body were depleted of energy. Doctors and other health practitioners gave me “packaged” solutions, none of which made a significant difference. It wasn’t until my sessions with Heidi, did I find truly holistic care. Her breath of knowledge and commitment to customized care, helped me shift my diet and lifestyle. Finally, with Heidi I found solutions that have worked.” – N.A.



Heidi is the best! She was extremely helpful and patient with someone like me who had a lot of questions and was looking to make a lifestyle change to become healthier but wasn’t sure how to begin. Heidi made the process easy because she didn’t just recommend a plan of action but she focused on giving me the tools to execute that plan.


This approach was critical to my success in making positive changes that resulted in me sleeping better, having more energy and just feeling better in general. It was such a refreshing experience working with her. I never felt rushed working with Heidi like I have at doctor’s offices. My concerns were never ‘brushed off’ like with others.


Heidi really listened to what I was saying and worked to find me answers as to why I was feeling the way I was feeling. She found me products to utilize and included links for me which made shopping incredibly efficient! Working with Heidi continues to be a wonderful experience and as I need further assistance, she is always available. I highly recommend her!” – N.H.



Heidi’s influence has been life-changing for me, I have not only changed my diet but the way I think about food. I am much healthier and happier because of Heidi’s positive coaching, encouragement, and guidance.”– L.D.



Heidi has taught me that in the midst of the storms there is learning and healing to be had. With Heidi’s guidance you will make the progress you’ve always wanted to make and what a wonderful journey it will be!” – M.R.



“After experiencing headaches for most of my adult life, I had the opportunity to have a consultation with Heidi. She was wonderful; not only did she ask questions about my lifestyle, eating habits, etc., she truly listened to everything I said. I knew that I was in good hands because it was clear that she was seeking to understand the actual reasons behind the symptoms I was having.


She left no stone un-turned. After narrowing the culprits down to a few, she then gave me clear options and suggestions that I could easily incorporate into my lifestyle and diet. She followed up with me several times to check on my progress, and she was available anytime I had questions! This was a complete departure from traditional doctor visits; there is generally no follow up or Q & A.


Heidi’s passion for helping people live better, healthier lives is what sets her apart from the rest. I was 100% satisfied, and I would absolutely consult with her again in the future!” – J.L.

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