Self Defense Workshops

Will you remember in the moment?



As a black belt martial artist and a small-framed woman, I’m committed to sharing practical skills that are quick, powerful, and effective against attackers of any size.


Believe me, you’ll walk away from this workshop empowered and armed!


Christmas Day 2016, a dear friend and colleague was brutally murdered by a total stranger. Following this devastation, everywhere I looked, women and men were placing themselves in vulnerable situations that made them easy targets. Which is why I couldn’t keep this critical information to myself…I vowed to share these powerful skills with others! 


I’ve been teaching self defense workshops and martial arts for years.  Designed to be playful, engaging, realistic, AND lifesaving, many participants ask if they can take the class again because they loved it so much. I’ll admit…these workshops are intense, but fun!


Who’s In?

(a minimum of 4 a maximum of 25 -got more? we’ll figure it out) 

Groups, clubs, companies, yoga studios, real estate agencies, colleges, schools.  Have a group of friends interested? Looking for valuable workshops for your employees?  Hosting a wellness retreat? Family Reunion? I’m happy to oblige!

No gear needed! I bring everything.  All you need to provide is the space or outside area and I’ll provide the skills.


Here’s what you’ll learn:

• How to thwart potential attacks by making yourself a “hard target”

• How to break free from an attacker who grabs you without warning

• How to avoid being taken to the ground by a determined attacker

• How to escape from underneath an attacker pinning you to the ground

• How to strike an attacker, stop an attack, and be effective!


I’m happy to travel – even out of state if needed (additional travel expenses may apply.)

For more details, or to schedule a workshop, please email me: