Health Consultations

A True Mind-Body Approach to Health!

My goal is to provide solutions and education that will serve you for the rest of your life. I believe the body can heal itself when given the correct tools. My job is to analyze distinctive symptoms and devise a comprehensive approach that will support the body in returning to a state of homeostasis.

The purpose of working with a personal health consultant is to receive a level of care that is unique and set up for success. For this reason I do request at least one follow-up appointment to assure that the recommendations and health plan are working for you. The follow-up is designed to address questions, and make any modifications needed.

Initial Consultation (2 hours)

  • Analysis of current health and wellness based on intake form, questionnaires, and discussion
  • Comprehensive review of blood labs and/or recommendations for relevant tests
  • Personalized herbal formula: a blend of therapeutic herbs specifically designed for you
  • 15% discount on supplements ordered through my online dispensary
  • Nutrition and wellness recommendations uniquely developed for you with realistic and sustainable goals

Follow-up Consultations

First follow-up: 1 hour
Second follow-up and beyond: 1 hour

A minimum of one follow up consultation is required at the time of scheduling your initial consultation.

Consultation Instructions and Information

1. Follow the link to book an appointment.

2. Schedule and pay for your appointment (choose Initial Consultation) or if you’d like more information about how I can be of service to you – choose the 20 Minute Free Consultation option. (This option will be scheduled in the same manner as a consultation).

Initial Consultation

After I receive your intake form, consent, and copies of any recent medical tests, I will review the information that you provided and as your personal health consultant.

  • I will analyze your blood work using optimal ranges that are aimed at recognizing dysfunctional trends (rather than conventional ranges that only identify disease states)
  • I will look for patterns and indications of stress within specific body systems
  • I will examine your current food intake for potential nutrient deficiencies using specialized software
  • I will develop a personalized, therapeutic approach using specific food, supplements, herbs, mind-body practices, exercises, and wellness suggestions.
At the time of your consultation
  • We will spend time discussing your concerns and/or health and wellness goals
  • Review my pre-consultation analysis of your current nutrient status, and physiological functioning
  • Collaboratively determine a plan of action that will work with your lifestyle.
  • Discuss and problem solve any obstacles you may be experiencing
  • Initial recommendations will be provided for you to begin your journey toward health.
Following your consultation
  • You will receive an email with a comprehensive and detailed list of recommendations that will assist you with achieving your goals.
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  • Your recommendations will also include specific exercises, mindfulness practices, and therapies or suggestions for additional health practitioners.
  • You are welcome to email me with any questions or concerns regarding your recommendations.
  • Working with a personal health consultant is a unique approach to health and wellness, I am not a medical doctor and will not provide a conventional medical diagnosis and do not prescribe pharmaceuticals.
  • Complete the intake and consent forms (either electronically or print and scan) and return via email to heidi [at]
  • Email any blood labs or medical tests completed within the last 2 years.
  • Please ensure that you have established a Skype account, have FaceTime available on a computer or access to a phone and have arranged for quiet space that will allow for privacy and uninterrupted time for your consultation.
  • Please confirm your preferred method of contact on your intake form prior to your consultation.
  • ALL forms and lab work must be submitted at least 3 days prior to your consultation date or your appointment will be rescheduled. This is for your benefit, to maximize the effectiveness of your consultation.